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Event ID:  2884
Contact Name:  Amit Poudel/ Bishnu Subedi
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  9849193272/9845044820
Organization:  Nepal Astronomy and Space Science Association
Event Web Site:
Dates:  4th October 2011 to 10th October 2011
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
Start/End Type: 
Country:  Nepal
City:  Bharatpur, Chitwan
Location:  Aroma College
Event Name:  Slide Presentation and Measuring circumference of Earth
Event Description:  Slide presentation and discussion at 13:00 on Oct 9th, Night sky observation on 9th Oct at 7pm, Measuring the circumference of Earth(experimental) on 10th Oct at 11am to 1:30pm.
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Report on the Results:  We have conducted different programs at different parts of Nepal starting from 4th Oct. to 10th. For details you can visit at: 4th Oct 2011: Group discussion and interaction about World Space Week among the group members Central Department of Physics, Kirtipur Kathmandu, Nepal. 8th Oct. 2011: Star Party and Moon observation at Lamjung participated by more than 50 local people. 9th Oct. 2011: Introduction about World Space Week 2011 and its theme, Slide Presentation, Poster Presentation, sun spot observation and night sky observation at Aroma College, Chitwan participated by more than 200 people including locals, students, teachers and lecturer of physics and other, local media personals etc. 10th Oct. 2011: Measuring Earth's Circumference from different parts of Nepal participated by more than 100 people esp. students. 10th Oct. in the morning we conducted sun spot observation program for local people from different indigenous group of Bhozad, Chitwan which was quite interesting and participated by more than 100 people.
Attendance:  450
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Media Impressions:  5000
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