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Event ID:  291
Contact Name:  Andy Heaslet
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Organization:  Peace Economy Project
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Dates:  12th October 2007 to 14th October 2007
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Type:  Public
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Country:  United States
State/Province:  MO
City:  St. Louis
Location:  Tegelar Hall, St. Louis University of Social Service
Event Name:  Budget for Peace, not War in Space
Event Description:  Peace Economy Project's 'Defining Security National Conference to Promote Peace, Cut Military Spending and Fund Real Needs' will include a Global Network discussion of weaponization of space on October 13 at 7 pm and a radio interview on October 11.
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Report on the Results:  October 12-13, 2007: The Peace Economy Project held a seminar called Defining Security National to Promote Peace, Cut Military Spending and Fund Real Needs, which included a discussion of space militarization and its alternatives. The seminar and public meeting was organized by the St. Louis-based Peace Economy Project and co-sponsored by Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and the American Friends Service Committee. The seminar brought together leaders of organizations throughout the United States working to move the country toward a peace economy with human security and human rights for all as goals. Prior to the event (October 11), Mary Beth Sullivan, Outreach Coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, and Andy Haslet from the Peace Economy Project, spent an hour on the local National Public Radio's program, St. Louis on the Air with host Don Marsh. They discussed the many dangers of the US military-industrial complex space domination program. They called for an economy serving human needs rather than one reliant on war profiteering. Largely in response to the radio interview, a hundred St. Louis residents came to a public forum sponsored by the Peace Economy Project on the evening of October 13. The audience included students, peace activists, and other curious citizens in St. Louis. Mary Beth joined Frida Berrigan from the New America Foundation, to share facts and figures on the devastating effect of the space program and other war profiteering on our own people and economy. Mary Beth's talk concluded, Time is long overdue to engage in the conversation about how to move from a permanent war economy to a permanent peace economy. ... It is time for us in the peace and justice communities, in our religious and spiritual communities, in our workplaces, on the streets of our neighborhoods, and walking through the halls of Congress to demand to put an end to the permanent war corporate welfare state. It is time that we build an industrial base in our country that rebuilds our physical infrastructure (sustainable energy, roads, bridges, public transportation, schools), pays a living wage, and provides for the health and welfare of our citizens. The talk was followed by a lively discussion period with many enthusiastic comments of support. The complete talk can be read at
Attendance:  100
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