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Event ID:  295
Contact Name:  Fran Cordaro
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Organization:  Catholic Worker
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Dates:  11th October 2007 to 11th October 2007
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Type:  Public
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Country:  United States
State/Province:  NE
City:  Omaha
Location:  Qwest Center
Event Name:  Nonviolent witness at Strat Com conference
Event Description:  Nonviolent direct action at 7:30 am near the entrance entrance doors to the annual Strat Com conference sponsored during UN World Space Week by the Space Foundation. The conference gathers together top military staff and management of aerospace and other corporations involved in contracting for Pentagon space militarization programs.
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Report on the Results:  We gathered at the Qwest Center at 11:00 am and began with Prayer and the Daily Scripture readings: Jonah 4: 1-11 and the Gospel of Luke 11: 1-4. We closed with personal prayer, silence, and the Peace Prayer of St. Francis. Then four of the group gently proceeded forward closer to the doors of the Qwest Center: Jerry Ebner, Sr. Marian Klosterman OSF, Fr. Jack Mc Caslin and Peg Gallagher (all Omaha residents). We all lay down on the ground in order to symbolically portray the deaths that would come from the use of deadly space weapons bought and sold inside this event. When we were notified by the Qwest Center personnel and the Omaha Police Dept. that if we remained we would be arrested, Sr. Marian Klotserman OSF rose from the ground and stood standing with other supporters who stood by. Michael Murphy dressed as the Specter of Death. Murphy then began to play Taps on his flute in honor of the many soldiers who have died in the Iraq War. After about 30 minuets, the remaining three people, Jack, Jerry, and Peg, were each arrested, handcuffed, led away to the paddy wagon, transported to central booking station of the OPD, and given citations. The officers of the OPD were very gentle and respectful of our presence. A slide show of photos taken at this event can be viewed at the link below.
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