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Event ID:  36785
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Organization:  OŠ Đakovački Selci
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Dates:  6th October 2020 to 10th October 2020
Physical Event:  Yes
Type:  Public
Start/End Type:  Starts During WSW
Country:  Croatia
State/Province:  Osječko-baranjska županija
City:  Selci Đakovački
Address:  Ulica bana Josipa Jelačića 9
Location:  OŠ Đakovački Selci
Event Name:  30th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope
Event Description:  Watching a science show dedicated to 30 years of Hubble Telescope operation (October, 6. 2020.) Drawing satellites, planets, galaxies ... (October, 13. 2020.) The event was organized by Mirjana Kuić (Croatian language teacher) and Kristina Radašinović (mathematics and physics teacher).
Promotional Image:  No Image.
Report on the Results:  On October 6, the students watched the show The Third Element, dedicated to the Hubble Space Telescope After the show, we talked about telescopes and their role in science. After that, they explored the photographs of universe themselves for a few days, and as a final part, they painted their vision of the universe. Student paintings will be posted on the school website
Attendance:  45
Attendance is Unique:  Yes
Media Impressions:  1
Media Impressions are Unique:  Yes

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