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Event ID:  37727
Contact Name:  Ramon Rahangmetan
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Organization:  Circle of Sustainable Europe (CoSE)
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Dates:  8th October 2020 to 8th October 2020
Physical Event:  No
Type:  Other
Start/End Type:  Starts During WSW
Country:  Netherlands
Event Name:  New Space
Event Description:  Subjects - Space companies handling epidemic: o Decision making o Scheduling o Production strategy o Financial strategy o HR/hiring strategy o Effect on education - How will SMEs be involved in global space industry o Survival rate of these companies (in general) ▪ What it takes ▪ What makes you different ▪ What products/services you pick up o Scope of SMEs in the long run: stay the same or grow or switch markets entirely? o Diversity of portfolio o Are partnerships between SMEs is the way to go? o Policy: how it affects SMEs and how SMEs affects it. - Workforce: what are you looking for? o Qualifications o Graduates o Online education? Team World Space Week Netherlands @Ramon Rahangmetan, @Savïer Atya, @Maneesh Kumar Verma, @Jillian Oduber, @Chiara Moenter, @Aleksandr Stommels
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