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Contact Name:  Dave Webb
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Organization:  Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
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Dates:  10th October 2007 to 11th October 2007
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Type:  Public
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Country:  United Kingdom
State/Province:  Yorkshire
City:  Harrowgate
Location:  Harrowgate and Fylingdale Moors
Event Name:  Keeping space for peace through the courts
Event Description:  Widely publicized court case of two elderly British pensioners under the new anti-terrorism act for their nonviolent challenge at U.S. Menwith Hill intelligence gathering and missile defense base. A surprise demonstration at U.S. Fylingdales missile defense base on the following day, October 11.
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Report on the Results:  On October 10th, the fortieth anniversary of the Outer Space treaty, two elderly British pensioners were convicted of violating the new national anti-terrorism legislation for challenging the legality of U.S. missile defense military bases on British soil. The women had decided to enter Menwith Hill to challenge the new law on the grounds that it is an American spy base and as such does not come under British law. They were seen to duck around the entrance barrier wearing sandwich boards declaring: This land is not yours to put boundaries round, Close US bases everywhere and Say no to Star Wars. The judge said the women had highly principled and passionate beliefs but they were subject to the law of the land in what he described as a test case of the Serious Organized Crime and Police Act. Both women immediately lodged an appeal to the Crown Court, claiming that the new Act was bad law. On the following day the women again risked arrest, appearing in a surprise demonstration with ten others from the Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, at the U.S. missile defense base at Fylingdales. The Telegraph and Argus reported The spontaneous demonstration was part of the international Keep Space for Peace Week to protest against the use of weapons in space and the US government's plans to further develop the Missile Defence or Star Wars' system. The protesters were to make drivers passing the base aware of the role Britain is playing in a new era of global warfare. Sarah Cartin, development worker for the Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), said: Most people driving past this base quite rightly assume it is a blot on the landscape, but we are here today to make them aware it is a very deadly blot. Lavinia Crossley, a protester involved in the event said; Yesterday Helen John and Sylvia Boyes were found guilty of entering Menwith Hill under the SOCPA anti-terror legislation. It seems clear to me that UK law is being used to defend US military and economic interests, so I am here to add to the growing opposition to US bases operating in Britain for the purposes of war and conflict. Telegraph and Argus articles on the two events can be downloaded at .
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