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Event ID:  4318
Contact Name:  Marie Dare
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  01224640340
Organization:  Satrosphere
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Dates:  5th October 2013 to 5th October 2013
Physical Event: 
Type:  Public
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Country:  United Kingdom
State/Province:  Scotland
City:  Aberdeen
Location:  179 Constitution Street
Event Name:  Art of Explorations - Past, Present and Not Too Distant Future
Event Description:  The day will feature an art installation titled: Art of Explorations - Past, Present and Not Too Distant Future 10 am- 5 pm The art installation will feature the works of John Phillip, Aberdeen artists and explorer from the Victorian era, printed images from ESA, a NASA slide show and a digital space art display by Sean McMahon. The day will also feature: Expert talks: Life on Mars- Past, Present and Future - Sean McMahon, PhD student in geology and microbiology at the University of Aberdeen will share his research and discuss the landscape of Mars in the past and what we expect Mars to be like in the future. Sean has experience working with NASA on life-support systems for long-distance crewed space missions and will discuss human planetary exploration and the possibility of life on Mars. Art of exploration- Anna Shortland- Informal Learning Officer at Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums will present a talk describing how art has evolved though the work of local Victorian artist and explorer John Phillip. 3d art workshop- Make and take clayleins! Design your own aliens and flying saucer! Take it home or add it to our 3D space wall! Facilitated by artists Naomi Leckie and Sammy Sinclair from The Creative Learning Team. Green screen photography- Dress up as an astronaut and see yourself floating in space! Facilitated by Fergus Connor from The Creative Learning Team.
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