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Contact Name:  Carol Urner
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Organization:  Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Multnomah Meeting of Friends (Quaker)
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Dates:  2nd October 2007 to 4th October 2007
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Type:  Public
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Country:  United States
State/Province:  OR
City:  Portland
Location:  Letter delivered to the Oregon Congressional Delegation in Washington D.C.
Event Name:  Oregon Quakers keeping space for peace in Washington D.C.
Event Description:  Hand delivery of letters in Washington D.C. to the Oregon Senators signed by about 50 constituents from Multnomah Meeting and letters to each Oregon House member signed by constituents and friends.
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Report on the Results:  Since 9/11 delivery of letters from constituents to COngress have taken two to three months.Members of MUltnomah Meeting arranged for a member to make hand delivery in Washington D.C. within a very few days. THe letter urged the delegation to vote against the $10.8 billion requested for missile defense in 2008. They also wrote that October 10 is the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty. This Treaty seeks to ensure the peaceful uses of outer space for the benefit of all humankind. Unfortunately, since eschewing the ABM treaty in 2001, the present Administration has aggressively pushed the world in the opposite direction in its pursuit of full spectrum dominance and control of the military high ground in space. It has utilized space superiority not to ensure peace, but to wage a war for profit and resources in Iraq and to threaten similar wars in Iran and Syria. The Quakers then added, It is instead time to claim the moral high ground, and begin, step-by-step, to lead the world toward a culture of peace with mutually agreed international law, human rights and human security for all. As Oregonians, citizens of one of the least militarized states in our Union, we have a special responsibility to lead the way. House members were also urged to support H Res 68 which calls for U.S. leadership in step-by-step abolition of nuclear weapons working within the UN disarmament treaty system, and for an end to so called missile defense (which actually makes aggressive warfare more feasible) and to plans for weapons in space.
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