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Event ID:  46625
Contact Name:  Irena Bijelic
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  0638742754
Organization:  OS''23.oktobar'' Sremski Karlovci
Event Web Site:
Dates:  4th October 2021 to 10th October 2021
Physical Event:  Yes
Type:  Public
Start/End Type:  Starts During WSW
Country:  Serbia
State/Province:  Vojvodina
City:  Sremski Karlovci
Address:  Preradoviceva 1
Location:  Sremski Karlovci
Event Name:  SPACE WEEK in our classroom/ solar system in a bottle
Event Description:  After we make a model of a solar system in a bottle, a 3d astronaut will fly towards it, eating healthily. The universe is depicted on a plate of healthy foods.
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Report on the Results:  In the introductory activities, we watched a film made last year. We are reminded of the names of the planets and their characteristics. We applied last year’s knowledge to make a solar system in a bottle.Through labyrinth we helped the astronaut get to space. With the support and idea of ​​our friend Jaroslava, we made 3 d astronauts.We met the constellation and made it out of thread and spheres. The break was with a healthy space snack.As an exit map of the day, we imagined what the traffic in the universe looks like!
Attendance:  22
Attendance is Unique:  Yes
Media Impressions:  0
Media Impressions are Unique:  Yes

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