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Event ID:  7055
Contact Name:  Lynn Langford McDaniel
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  813 264-5644
Organization:  Stewart Middle Magnet School
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Dates:  2nd September 2014 to 9th October 2014
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Type:  School
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Country:  United States
State/Province:  Florida
City:  Tampa
Location:  Stewart Middle Magnet School
Event Name:  Jannus to James Technology and Art Show
Event Description:  Tampa Bay is celebration the 100 year anniversary of the first commercial aviation flight from St. Petersburg to Tampa by Tony Jannus. Our school and Blake High School of the Arts are partnering with NASA's Space Telescope Science Institute on their STEM Innovation Project (SIP) on the James Webb Space Telescope. So our students will research, design and engineer projects on the two topics and present their displays on Oct 8th and 9th at Blake High School's Theater: "The Jannus to James Technology and Art Show". The high school students will perform creative writings, space dances and an orchestra performance. An astrophysicist from the Space Telescope Science Institute, Frank Summers, will give a presentation on the "Art in Astrophysics" at the Technology and Art Show on Oct. 8th. On Oct 9th he will give 2 assembly programs to 1,000 students on the James Webb Space Telescope.
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