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Event ID:  7056
Contact Name:  Len van der Wal
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Contact Phone:  +31888666526
Organization:  Netherlands Space Society (NVR)
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Dates:  8th October 2014 to 8th October 2014
Physical Event: 
Type:  Private
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Country:  Netherlands
State/Province:  Utrecht
City:  Utrecht
Location:  SRON, Sorbonnelaan 2, 3584 CA Utrecht
Event Name:  Sensitive Radiation Detectors
Event Description:  NVR, SRON and SpaceNed are pleased to invite you to a mini-symposium regarding the R&D of sensitive radiation detectors. The space technology used for scientific instruments must satisfy extreme and unearthly requirements. In the barren conditions of space, exposed to a vacuum, aggressive cosmic radiation and extreme temperature differences, the technology must be capable of performing extremely precise measurements of phenomena that occur many light-years away. Therefore, SRON is continuously looking for new ways to deploy even more sensitive sensors for the improved detection of cosmic radiation. That requires extensive research into new sensors but also the mastering of specialized techniques. During this mini-symposium you will be introduced to the most recent developments in the field of radiation detectors at SRON, including a guided tour in the laboratory where these detectors are developed. Programme 19.00 Registration and coffee 19.25 Opening by NVR & SpaceNed 19.30 Introduction to SRON by ing. Ron Linde 19.45 Presentation on KID detectors by dr. Jochem Baselmans 20.15 Presentation on TES detectors by dr. Jan van der Kuur 21.00 Guided tour through the lab 21.45 Drinks 22.30 Closure
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