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Event ID:  7070
Contact Name:  Mr. Rossi
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Dates:  12th October 2014 to 12th October 2014
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Type:  Public
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Country:  United States
State/Province:  California
City:  Rocklin
Location:  Johnson Springview Park
Event Name:  An EarthCache Day CITO and optional 5k
Event Description:  It's a celebration of all things Earth this week, and EarthCaches teach us geocachers all about the world in which we play. So let's have fun with an EarthCache Celebration and keeping a park clean! Come on out and join the International Geocaching community and show the World just how much we love her. As part of EarthCache's 10th Anniversary there is an optional Virtual 5k that you can participate in to help your your digital souvenirs. While walking the path, why not pick up any loose trash you see and help keep our Earth clean. For the 5k, should you choose to participate, all you have to do is walk or run 5k(3.1 miles) and keep record of your own time. Everyone who completes the run and uploads a photo will be sent an icon via email that you can display on your caching pages or website. And it is FREE to participate. We'll post a map for an optional 5k walk to help you earn your EarthCache 5k logo. (will be posted at least 1 week before the event). Whether you choose to Run, Walk, or Sit, come on out and celebrate International EarthCache Day by keeping our Park clean! Starting at 9am we'll gather at the posted coords which is near the EarthCache: Sacred Rock near Big Medicine: GC4ZQFB At 9:05 we'll take the ever-important group photo with all the participants in the 5k holding their bib up. At 9:15 the optional Virtual 5k Run/Walk will begin (see below). We'll provide a pre-mapped out 5k route for you to safely walk/run and perform a little CITO along the route. (keep your own time) If you opt out of the 5k, there are plenty of area's to patrol for trash. We'll provide trash bags. Bring your own gloves and other trash grabbing apparatuses you wish to use.
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