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Event ID:  7662
Contact Name:  Srednja skola Prelog
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Event Web Site:  http://www.
Dates:  3rd October 2014 to 9th October 2014
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Croatia
State/Province:  Croatia
City:  Prelog
Event Name:  A sky full of stars
Event Description:  1. 4.10. presentation "Aurora Borealis" 2. 5.10. Solar system - work shop at day care and pre-school ( by high scholl students) 3. Space in art - work shop at Art Class 4. " A sky full of stars" - observation stars by telescope at night by Marina Prelog
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Report on the Results:  On a first day we had a power point presentation for student at year of Highschool with a topic Aurora Borealis, presented by geography teacher Valentina Pirc Mezga. Second day students of 3. grade of Prelog Highschool went to a day care and they made a solar system for children from afe 4-6. They learned a planets name, they try to color planets in their colour, they watch a cartoon and on the end the got a "I have a star" certificate where tehy gave a name to a star witch they coloured. This was a great experience for all of participants. At Art class students had an assigment to analyse a picture Van Gogh "Sky at Night" . At the last day students organised an public star observation by telescope. This was a first time we organised this event and students were highly motivated. It was a great pleasure to be a small par of this "Space" event. Srednja skola Prelog, Croatia Europe
Attendance:  50
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