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Event ID:  797
Contact Name:  Nguyen Tan Khai
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Organization:  Hochiminh city Amateur Astronomy club Pleiku Group
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Dates:  4th October 2008 to 10th October 2008
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Vietnam
State/Province:  Gialai
City:  Pleiku
Location:  14/11 Mac Dinh Chi , Pleiku, Gia Lai
Event Name:  World Space Week Anniversary
Event Description:  WSW introduction and anniversary Sky observation session Water rocket launching
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Report on the Results:  Members of HAAC in Pleiku had successfully organized activities in response to the World Space Week 2008. Posters of WSW were handed out and posted at public places to attract attention. Saturday evening, October - 04 -2008, HAAC members introduced WSW to participants. Moreover, a discussion was held so that everyone can interact and learn from each other. Friday evening, October - 10- 2008, a night observing session was opened. This session helped participants to understand more about astronomy, the relationship between human and space, at the same time, understand the characteristics of the planets and meteors. Students were all very excited about the event even those that had never known about astronomy before.
Attendance:  15
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