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Event ID:  878
Contact Name:  Joan Labay-Marquez
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  830-357-4000
Organization:  Curington Elementary School
Event Web Site: 
Dates:  4th October 2008 to 10th October 2008
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
Start/End Type: 
Country:  United States
State/Province:  TX
City:  Boerne
Location:  School campus
Event Name:  Cougarnauts Space Lab Missions
Event Description:  The Curington Elementary Challenge Lab has become the Curington Space Lab and the 2nd & 3rd grade GT students have become Cougarnauts conducting Space Lab Missions. To celebrate Nasa's 50th and to raise awareness of World Space Week 2008, the Cougarnauts have made bright and colorful posters displaying the Space Week logo and put them up all over campus. The students are astronauts in training and as a team will be performing several important missions together. The first mission they will complete is the Rock Hunt. The purpose of this mission is to analyze rocks from their region and compare them to rocks from Mars. Mars scientists are asking students from around the world to help them understand the red planet. The trainees will go on a Rock Hunt on campus and collect rocks from our region and send them into NASA and NASA scientists will use a special tool like the one on their rover to tell us what it's made of. Then everyone can compare their rocks to the ones found on Mars. NASA will then send the trainees an official certificate and Mars sticker for their contributions. In addition to the Rock Hunt, the trainees will conduct the Eggnaut Mission experiment: design and build a vehicle that will protect their Eggnaut from the perils of reentry. The objective is to have their Eggnaut survive the fall with out a crack. The final mission that the trainees will complete will be to design and build a clay model of their very own future Space Station.
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