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Event ID:  8941
Contact Name:  Prof. Giovanni Imbalzano
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Organization:  Liceo Scientifico Majorana di Moncalieri (TO) Italy
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Dates:  3rd October 2015 to 9th October 2015
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Italy
State/Province:  TORINO
City:  Moncalieri
Event Name:  Supernovas, planetary conjunctions and Earth seismicity (quantic seismology) 2015
Event Description:  Premise: commonly we think that far-off asters, also the great planets as Jupiter or Saturn, they are able to influence gravity only a tenth of what the Moon can do, accountable for liquid tides and the earthly tides, as the earthquakes: the same action of the Sun penetrate below the surface earthly seems to be half of that lunar, and the tides contrast to the action of the Sun and of the Moon, reducing of a third the measurable value with a "pendulum of twist". However, if suddenly we miss the gravitational action of the Sun or of Jupiter, is evident that the effect on the Earth would be many more disruptive in comparison with the absentia of the Moon! Such we may certainly resolve such contradictions introducing the ratios of energy (potential) and not of force and acceleration: in such a case, quite the reverse of what over, the Jupiter or Saturn energetic actions are superior ten times in comparison with the Moon. It is well true that always does not have been possible that we have noticed seismic phenomenon in concomitance of strong planetary perturbations, but this only because the relative action is verified in a well determinate directions and in more tender geological places. In other words, we may consider the planetary perturbations as possible causes (necessaries but not sufficient) to sudden seismic effects, as the fuse of an explosive. More exactly, in a manner similar to the damping of a pendulum, such perturbations furnish the energy that is stored, while the possible movements of earthly clods force the oscillating system, increasing her power. G. I. SUMMARY: individuating the 3 periods P (superior to 29 days and mod. 15) among the maximum seismic intensities, and also of the in comparison with the, I choose those with the maximum number of under-periods; we may verify that the resultant P is not always the maximum among they. In Pascal language the algorithm reduces notably in comparison with the electronic sheet, used to the data collection; but by the logical-analytical details Mathematica is better, like in the example where I uses the functions DateDifference[...] & PrimeOmega[...]. The agreements on the periods may be considered satisfactory, but for great Amplitudes of intensity it is necessary to consider, besides lunar Phases and solar Flares, hypothetic fields pseudo-gravitational of till now neglected particles (planetary WIMPs).
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Report on the Results:  Conference Report in "Sismologia quantistica (sintesi antologica)" Repetition: October 14-20 2015 for Scientific liceo Majorana of Moncalieri (TO) Italy
Attendance:  60
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