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  • This page shows the Events planned for and held in Bangladesh during World Space Week
  • The list contains 50 events per page. The links at the bottom of the page can be used to view other sections of the list.
  • Events with a 'Y' in the Map column indicate that the exact location of the event has been mapped.
  • A plot of the 2019 mapped events can be seen here: 2019 Mapped Events
  • Questions or problems using the calendar please email

Country State/Province City Event Name Year Map Details


Bulgaria Varna Varna Space explorations 2019Y Event Details
Bulgaria Враца Козлодуй "Луната: врата към звездите" 2019Y Event Details
Cameroon Centre Region Yaounde International Stakeholders Institutional Forum to Introduce and Open Core Businesses in Cameroon 2019 Event Details
Canada Loan Options for Canadian Citizens 2019 Event Details
Canada Alberta Calagary PMP Certification Training Course in Canada 2019Y Event Details
Canada Alberta Edmonton University of Alberta Space Exploration Symposium 2019 2019Y Event Details
Canada British Columbia Burnaby RASC Vancouver Council Meeting 2019 Event Details
Canada British Columbia Burnaby RASC Vancouver Monthly Meeting 2019 Event Details
Canada British Columbia Vancouver CSS Vancouver WSW at H.R. MacMillian Space Centre 2019Y Event Details
Canada Manitoba Winnipeg Canadian Space Society Winnipeg Chapter World Space Week 2019 Event 2019 Event Details
Canada Manitoba Winnipeg Space Day 2019Y Event Details
Canada Newfoundland St. John's International Observe the Moon 2019 Event Details
Canada Ontario London International Observe the Moon Night 2019Y Event Details
Canada Quebec Montreal Montreal Space Symposium 2019 2019Y Event Details
Chile aysen coyhaique El evento al fin del mundo WSW 2019 Event Details
Chile cordillera santiago Semana del espacio 2019 Event Details
Chile metropolitana STGO Semana Mundial del Espacio Escolar 2019Y Event Details
Chile Metropolitana santiago santiago ¿Por que invertir en el espacio es una oportunidad en la tierra? 2019Y Event Details
Chile RM Las Condes Star Party at Edificio Cerro Colorado 6036 2019 Event Details
Chile santiago santiago Semana Mundial del Espacio 2019 Event Details
China Guangdong Maoming Golden autumn  Viewing the moon   2019Y Event Details
China Ningxia yinchuan The 24th Middle School Astronomical Science Observation Activity   2019 Event Details
China shaanxi xi'an Search for the Jade Rabbit 2019 Event Details
Colombia Antioquia Frontino Observación lunar. 2019 Event Details
Colombia Antioquia Guarne Construyendo y elevando cohetes 2019Y Event Details
Colombia Antioquia Medellin Sun observation and data log 2019 Event Details
Colombia Bogota Bogota Semana Mundial del Espacio Colombia 2019 2019Y Event Details
Colombia Risaralda Pereira Día internacional de observación de la Luna en la UTP 2019 Event Details
Colombia Tolima Ibagué SEMANA MUSICAL DEL ESPACIO 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Space souvenirs 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Zagreb Tjedan Svemira 2018. u MIOC-u 2019Y Event Details
Croatia BBŽ Croatia Let's turn off the lights – turn on the stars 2019Y Event Details
Croatia BBŽ Daruvar Pola stoljeća od slijetanja na Mjesec 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Bjelovarsko-bilogorska Daruvar Zvjezdosvemirci u akciji 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Bjelovarsko-bilogorska županija Bjelovar Kul Pong svemirci 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Bjelovarsko-bilogorska županija Zrinski Topolovac Radionica i kviz iz astronomije 2019 Event Details
Croatia Croatia Crikvenica Crikvenica Space Week 2019 Event Details
Croatia Croatia Zagreb OUR YELLOW HILL* IN SPACE 2019 Event Details
Croatia Dubrava Dubrava World Space Week Dubrava 2019. 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Dubrovačko-neretvanska županija Dubrovnik Mjesec-vrata prema zvijezdama 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Eastern Slavonia Vukovar Virtual reality in my classroom 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Gorski Kotar Tršće To the Moon and back 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Grad Zagreb Grad Zagreb Adria Space Conference 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Grad Zagreb Grad Zagreb OUR YELLOW HILL* IN SPACE 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Grad Zagreb Zagreb get ready and take off for space 2019 Event Details
Croatia Grad Zagreb Zagreb Space exploration - workshops and exhibition 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Grad Zagreb Zagreb To the Moon and back - 50 years of Apollo 11 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Grad Zagreb Zagreb - Dubrava MMM - Matematika, Mi i Mjesec 2019Y Event Details
Croatia Istra Labin Tjedan svemira u Srednjoj školi Mate Blažine Labin 2019 Event Details
Croatia Istra Pazin TJEDAN SVEMIRA 2019Y Event Details

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