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Announcing the World Space Week 2015 theme: “Discovery”

This evening we are proudly announcing the theme for World Space Week 2015:


“Discovery” is an outward looking theme, celebrating deep space exploration. It means to highlight missions like ESA Gaia, Kepler, Herschel, Hubble, etc. and emphasizes discoveries of new galaxies, exoplanets, asteroids and comets. We are convinced that this exciting theme will help inspire event organizers to set up wonderful events at schools, universities, science centers, planetaria, astronomy clubs, companies and museums, making World Space Week 2015 the biggest ever!

World Space Week 2015 poster competition

This new theme will be supported by new poster artwork, for which we are running a space artist competition this month. We are hoping this competition will inspire amateur and professional space artists to design a great poster for us. The grand prize will be to be selected as the official World Space Week poster artist 2015, with a poster that will be distributed to several 100’s of locations in over 50 countries. We will select the winning proposal in March 2015. Of course this competition is open to artists and designers from your country too! Details on how to participate can be found here.

Social media campaign #WSW2015

Over the past two years we have seen the tremendous added value of the use of social media (Twitter, Facebook) to support World Space Week. Of course we will do another campaign to promote World Space Week 2015 and I encourage you to join us. Make sure you all follow our global accounts on Twitter and Facebook. We will use hashtag #WSW2015 as much as possible, which we will also track on Instagram and Pinterest.

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