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Organization:  Blackrock Castle Observatory
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Dates:  13th September 2018 to 11th October 2018
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Ireland
Event Name:  Mission Patch Competition for Primary Schools with EIRSAT-1
Event Description:  Primary Schools - Get creative with EIRSAT-1 - A Cube Sat from Ireland! The EIRSAT-1 Team in University College Dublin are inviting students to create a mission patch to celebrate their building of this very special cube sat - a research satellite from Ireland! Details can be found here with resources to learn about EIRSAT-1 and how we use satellites in our lives every day. Design a Mission patch: A Competition for Space Week 2018! Every satellite that goes into space has a Mission Patch which is a logo that tells us all about the satellite. Find out about EIRSAT-1 an Irish Satellite here. In 2020 Ireland is set to launch EIRSAT-1. The team of students and staff at who are building the satellite at University College Dublin want your help designing a Mission Patch! They are inviting students from 3rd Class to 6th Class inclusive to enter. This patch can include many things about our unique satellite - For example EIRSAT-1's missions its cool shape or where it comes from. A picture of the winning Mission Patch from each county will be showcased at EIRSAT-1's Mission Control Centre in UCD! Send your design to Closing Date is the 10th October 2018. UPDATE: COMPETITION CLOSING DATE EXTENDED TO FRIDAY 11 OCTOBER (as in application).        
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