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Ideas For Event Organizers

The basics

WSW2013_PakistanAs explained on the “How to organize a World Space Week event” pages, really any activity related to space or astronomy in the 4-10 October timeframe will count as a World Space Week event. It can be a small private activity at your local school, a lecture evening at your company, a special exhibition at your science center, museum, church, school or community center, a radio, TV or online event or a large scale public event at a national stadium. As long as it:

  • Happens around World Space Week (4-10 October). Please note that longer events are fine too.
  • Is related to space, astronomy, sci-fi, rocket science or space-related science or technology
  • Is in our database!

Event ideas

If you are still not sure what to do, we are here to help you come up with ideas! Through our global network of donors and partner organizations we have access to a lot of material to help you organize a World Space Week event. Here are some ideas and documents to help you on your way.

Examples of World Space Week events

Please find below a long list of event programs that are great for World Space Week:

  • Advertising featuring space or World Space Week
  • Air show with space exhibits
  • Articles about space or Space week in publications
  • Award ceremony for students with best space projects
  • Banquet with a space speaker
  • Celebrity, Astronaut, or Cosmonaut appearance
  • Computers running space software or for browsing space web sites
  • Conference on using space for economic development
  • Concert of space-related music
  • Conduct a public survey on space issues
  • Debate or panel discussion about space
  • Distribute space literature
  • Distribute World Space Week Posters
  • Employees give space talks to community organizations
  • Exhibit of space-related art, books or magazines, hardware, maps, moon rocks or meteorites, photographs, stamps, space memorabilia, or student projects
  • Farmers learning how to use satellite data
  • Festival with space exhibits and activities
  • Films about space
  • Government leaders speaking about space
  • Ground testing of space hardware
  • Internet chats with space experts or students in other countries
  • Lectures about space
  • Libraries feature space books
  • Model rocket launch by students and adults
  • Open house (facility tours)
  • Outdoor model of solar system
  • Parade with a space theme
  • Petition signing to advocate space
  • Planetarium with special shows and special events
  • Public meetings to discuss space
  • Press conference introducing space-related product or service
  • Retail store or shopping mall promotions
  • Satellite linkage of World Space Week events
  • School activities to excite children about math and science
  • Science fiction festival
  • Share your vision for space on your blog or on this web site
  • Signing of a World Space Week Proclamation by a government official
  • Sporting event with space celebrities
  • Teacher training workshop on space
  • Technical conference and/or industrial exposition on space
  • Telescope viewing of the stars and planets
  • Web banners saluting World Space Week
  • Write letters to newspapers about space
  • Write letters to government leaders about space
  • Youth “space camp”

Or contact your National Coordinator for even more ideas!

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