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World Space Week 2024 Poster

As we prepare for the exciting journey toward World Space Week (WSW) 2024 with its inspiring theme of “Space & Climate Change,”  World Space Week Association (WSWA) looks forward to issuing the annual call for poster concepts in early 2024. 

This call invites creative minds from around the globe to contribute their vision and ideas, encapsulating the essence of the 2024 theme in a visually compelling way. The winning concept will lay the foundation for the official WSW 2024 poster, a symbol of our collective endeavor to educate, inspire and connect. 

Celebrating Last Year’s Creativity: 2023’s Poster and Concept Call Winner

While we prepare for the new wave of artistic submissions, we continue to celebrate the success of last year’s poster. The 2023 poster, which beautifully encapsulated the “Space and Entrepreneurship” theme, was the brainchild of Mia Platuzic, a talented high school student from Croatia. Her creative vision perfectly illustrated the innovative spirit and dynamic interaction between space exploration and entrepreneurial ventures. Below, you’ll find the 2023 poster – a reminder of the extraordinary talent and creativity that World Space Week inspires each year.

World Space Week 2023 Poster

On this page you can download the most recent World Space Week poster. Please feel free to use as-is, or use the empty template to create your own local version of the poster. Please use right-click and ‘Save Link as‘ to download the poster file to your computer.

2023 Poster With Text

2023 Poster Without Text

All previous posters since 2022 can be found and downloaded here.

Feel free to download our WSW 2023 covers and use them for event announcement as well.

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