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As a UN-declared international NGO we are always looking to partner with likeminded organizations to help each other reach our space outreach and STEM education objectives. As you can see in our partner list we have found several partners with whom we have a Memorandum of Understanding and support each other’s activities. If you like our work and you think it can help you increase your potential to reach your similar targets, please get in touch. We like to work with organizations that:

  • Have a not-for-profit character
  • Work internationally, with presence or reach in many countries
  • Educate people about space and science
  • Foster international space outreach and education

Partnering with World Space Week provides you with a powerful channel to reach young people in over 100 countries. It opens up our network in the space sector and United Nations, but also a powerful outreach channel through our website, our collector’s item poster and our social media. We will be happy to advertise your activities year-round, as long as they are in line with our objectives. In exchange, we trust you will actively support World Space Week in October.

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