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Event quality criteria:

  1. Begins and/or ends in first half of October
  2. Space related
  3. No duplicates
  4. All activity in one facility (such as at one school, or at one conference) is in one event, not many


  • Each entry should include State/Province, City, and Location as mandatory fields.
  • Please fill approximate attendees that each event has had.

Some examples to follow as a reference:

  • A same group of 30 students hear one talk on Monday and another talk on Friday. That is one event, not two. No exceptions. The attendance is 30, not 60.
  • A Planetarium holding different shows on 5 evenings as part of its WSW celebration, each with a different audience of 50 people, is also one event, not five. The attendance however in this case is 250 for this event.
  • If more than one activity is held in one location (e.g. one facility such as a school or museum)…:
    • A) …with approximately the same audience, then that is one event. Attendees must be counted only once to avoid duplication.
    • B) …by a single organization, then that is one event. Attendance from different activities can be added together if different people attending each activity.
    • C) …by different organizations with different attendees, then those are different events.
I have read and agree to comply with these Event Guidelines

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