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World Space Week Mission Statement



The mission of World Space Week Association (WSWA) is to strengthen the link between space and society through public education, participation, and dialogue on the future of space activity using World Space Week as a focus.


To achieve this mission, the strategy of the Association is to expand UN-declared World Space Week, 4-10 October annually, to efficiently focus global attention on space through widespread events that week and associated media coverage. Specifically, the Association shall:

  • Institutionalize World Space Week in the plans of other organizations globally on the largest possible scale;
  • Seek media coverage of the resulting celebration;
  • Provide participating organizations with coordination and assistance;
  • Hold events at a global level.


The long-term goal of the Association is to sufficiently institutionalize UN-declared World Space Week such that it continues to grow throughout the world by itself.


Programs of the World Space Week Association include:

Global Expansion

  • Expands World Space Week by encouraging participation of organizations around the world.

Support Services

  • Provides World Space Week participants with products and services to assist them in celebrating and publicizing World Space Week;
  • Coordinates with the United Nations and reports annually on World Space Week participation and results.

Educational Program

  • Increases educational benefits of World Space Week by providing teachers with classroom activities that use space to excite students about learning;
  • Inspires students globally by flying representative students in simulated zero gravity airplane flights.

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