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Event ID:  9247
Contact Name:  Ana Bocioanca, Sanda Moldovan, Delia Crisan
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  004-0269-836748
Organization:  Colegiul Tehnic Mediensis Medias
Event Web Site:
Dates:  9th October 2015 to 9th October 2015
Physical Event: 
Type:  Public
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Country:  Romania
State/Province:  Sibiu
City:  Medias
Event Name:  Universul în palma mea - Univers in my hand
Event Description:  This year represent another opportunity for our students to find new and interesting things about special events that have change the way humanity looks towards the space and tries to find out what lays beyond what the eye can see. This year’s theme is a very interesting one. Our students will present their new found information regarding the topic with presentations, drawings and posters. The drawings and posters will be part of an exhibition in the main hall of out institution. The event will be presented on the school’s website.
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Report on the Results:  World Space Week is an annual international event, which runs from October 4 to 10. Each year a theme is chosen - and the theme this year is "DISCOVERY". This extremely interesting theme allowed students to prepare various exposures and drawings. They presented them before their colleagues from IXD, XB, XIB and XIIA on Friday, October 9, 2015. The PowerPoint exposures presented were: “Astronauts” - Alisa Morariu şi Anamaria Stoia (XB); “The Solar System” - Cristina Anreea Sarcău şi Bianca Kadar (XIIA); “The planets of the Solar System” - Andrei Pop şi Denis Almăşan (XIIA); “Outer Space” - Istfan Stefan Adrian (XB); “Cat's Eye Nebula” - Claudia Orosz (XIB); “Other Earths” - Denisa Linder (XIB); “Life outside the planet Earth” - Timotei Robert Bîrcea (XIB); “The universe and its curiosities”. The drawings were made by Rebeca Zoltan (IXD), Rut Tuluş (IXD), Denisa Linder (XIB), Timotei Robert Bîrcea (XIB) and Ioan Răzăilă (XIIA). Details about the event were presented on the school’s web site and Facebook page.
Attendance:  30
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Media Impressions:  150
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