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Event ID:  9593
Contact Name:  Nadia-Alina Nastasa
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Organization:  Scoala Gimnaziala, Comuna Gadinti
Event Web Site:  http://www.
Dates:  5th October 2015 to 9th October 2015
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Type:  School
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Country:  Romania
State/Province:  Neamt
City:  Gadinti
Event Name:  The Universe - A Miraculous World
Event Description:  20 students from third class, along with 15 parents and their teacher, have done together for a week, a captivating trip through the universe. The journey started from the observation and recognition of major bodies in the universe (stars, planets, moons, comets, meteorites) and discussions based on films, images and texts about the universe - October 5th, 2015. Then we learned about celestial coordinates and orientation using the stars, the sky map analysis and performing simple measurements using celestial coordinates - October 6, 2015. About Sun and solar system we found out the next two days (7 to 8 October 2015), when we discussed the main features of the Sun (distance, size, power and temperature) and the planets of our galaxy. In the last day of our expedition (October 9, 2015) we learned about the shape, size and composition of Earth, its movements and the connection between those movements and the existence of day/night and seasons.
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Report on the Results:  The students have acquired concepts relating to the Universe (solar system, planet, satellite, star, constellation, galaxy). They know the main features of the Earth and the evolution of our planet. The activity motivated them to study science as an area relevant social and professional life.
Attendance:  36
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