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Become a National Coordinator

Empower Your Community with Space Education and Awareness

As a National Coordinator for World Space Week, you’ll play a critical role in amplifying the importance of space education and awareness in your country. Our mission extends across numerous nations, yet we aspire to connect with every corner of the globe. If your country is not listed here, we invite you to bring the universe closer to your community by becoming a WSW National Coordinator. 

Your Role as a National Coordinator

Proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1999, World Space Week (WSW) has become the largest celebration of space on Earth, engaging participants from over 80 nations. As a National Coordinator, you’re at the heart of this celebration.

Your Mission:

  • Engage & Inspire: Throughout the year, inspire entities across your nation, including space agencies, educational institutions, science museums, and the media, to partake in World Space Week. Utilize our template letter for outreach and explore event ideas to fuel creativity. Encourage participants to make WSW a staple in their annual calendar.
  • Promote & Unify: Guide participants to incorporate the “World Space Week” name and logos in their event promotions, fostering a cohesive global identity that captivates media and public attention. Ensure that each participant has entered their planned WSW activities into the global WSW calendar on the “Add Your Event” section of this website. 
  • Document & Celebrate Success: After World Space Week, ensure that you have collected highlight events and photos of the WSW events in your country. These contributions enrich the WSW Annual Report and celebrate our collective achievements. You will also be asked to provide a brief national summary that will be displayed on the WSW website, and will be included in the UN WSW Annual Report.

Facilitating Participation:

  • Advise organizations on integrating WSW themes into existing or planned activities for October 4-10.
  • Encourage schools and educators to include with space-themed lessons in their curriculum during WSW, providing them with free resources to ignite students’ passion for space.
  • Spread the message to as many schools and teachers as possible about WSW. This can be through web sites, email, direct mail, school districts, or even the ministry of education.

Teamwork for Impact:

Consider establishing a committee to share responsibilities, making the role more manageable and fostering collaboration among key stakeholders. This approach not only spreads the workload but also enriches the WSW experience with diverse perspectives.

WSWA Support:

As a National Coordinator, you are not alone. World Space Week Association (WSWA) provides comprehensive support, including training in areas such as event planning and media outreach. We offer promotional materials, supplying posters in print and making them available digitally, in addition to educational resources and media kits. Should you require assistance or have any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at

Your Impact:

Your contribution as a National Coordinator is instrumental in celebrating the wonders of space and science, inspiring communities, and nurturing future generations of space enthusiasts. Through your leadership, you’ll bring the universe a little closer to home, sparking curiosity and wonder.

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