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  • This page shows the Events held during World Space Week 2020
  • The list contains 50 events per page. The links at the bottom of the page can be used to view other sections of the list.
  • The list is initially sorted sorted by country. 
  • Events with a 'Y' in the Map column indicate that the exact location of the event has been mapped.
  • A plot of the 2020 mapped events can be seen here: 2020 Mapped Events
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Country State/Province City Event Name Map Details
Ireland Wicklow Tinahely Space Reads Event Details
Ireland Wicklow Wicklow Space Week - Activities Event Details
Israel Al-Quasmi Observatory online WSW event Event Details
Israel Fly with Bernoulli Event Details
Israel Ilan Ramon's journey into space. Event Details
Israel Kinneret Observatory WSW online event Event Details
Israel Online SpaceCon Giva'atayim Event Details
Israel Science and Space at the President's Sukka Event Details
Israel Taybe Space Center Online event Event Details
Israel The Lab of the Future Event Details
Israel To space with wings - all about space planes and shuttles Event Details
Israel To the moon and back Event Details
Israel World Space Week at Beit Yatziv Observatory Event Details
Israel World Space Week at Giva'atayim Observatory Event Details
Israel פודקאסט על-חלל Event Details
Israel Israel Givatayim כנס החלל המקוון בגבעתיים Y Event Details
Israel North Israel yarka Landing the first Israeli Spacecraft on the Moon - SpaceIL Y Event Details
Italy Italy Brescia NASA Space Apps Challenge Brescia Y Event Details
Italy LO Codogno It is not about how you watch, but what you see! Y Event Details
Italy Macerata Camerino Galassica - Astronomy Festival Y Event Details
Italy Marche Osimo Spazio, Impresa e Donne: tre pilastri per un nuovo Rinascimento Event Details
Italy MO Carpi World Space Week Carpi - I satelliti migliorano la vita Y Event Details
Italy Modena Soliera World Space Week Soliera Event Details
Japan 12th ASTRAX Lunar City Citizens' Conference Event Details
Japan 1st Humming for PEACE ~ 10/10 singing volunteers singing world peace with humming ~ Event Details
Japan Aoi's Smile Relay2020 Event Details
Japan go to travel Travel to Earth from a balloon star Event Details
Japan Let’s cook the COLORFUL PLANET RICE DUMPLINGS and enjoy seasonal festival “Otsukimi” Event Details
Japan Luna Liz comes from the Moon Event Details
Japan Meeting ASTRAX Lunar City Map in Minecraft Event Details
Japan Saturn Event Details
Japan snack transcendence@space Event Details
Japan Talk about Humming for Peace in World Space Week Event Details
Japan Two Moon Event Details
Japan Words to motivate children Event Details
Japan World Space Week Extreme Modern Michael MJGs Goals drawn by Michael Jackson. Event Details
Japan Aichi Toyoda-shi Digital detox Camp Event Details
Japan Fukuoka Harare Kyushu Institute of Technology University World Space Week 2020 Webinar Y Event Details
Japan Gumma Takasaki-shi A gift delivered to you by a dragon from outer space ~ LUNER LIZ x Ginza Belle Etoile Takasaki Jewel Event Details
Japan Gumma Takasaki-shi Let's see the moon with Luna Liz x United Nations World Space Week Color Dumplings Event Details
Japan Gumma Takasaki-shi Luna Liz x Kumi-chan's dream come true! Exciting tour-People who are likely to be found in space are Event Details
Japan Kanagawa Hiratsuka Otsukimi takoyaki making and photography Y Event Details
Japan Kanagawa Kamakura IAC2020 Study Tour in Kamakura Event Details
Japan Kanagawa Kamakura Warehouse and Harvest Moon in Kamakura Event Details
Japan Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Planetaria and lunch party Event Details
Japan Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Space lunch party Event Details
Japan Tokyo Chu-o-ku I will Start 〇〇 in Space Y Event Details
Japan Tokyo Meguro World Space Week Final ★★★★★ Dancing Ugabar Skyscraper-Exchange meeting toward space Event Details
Japan Tokyo Minato-ku Blissful Planetarium Aesthetic and Relaxing Dinner Course Y Event Details
Japan Tokyo Minato-ku Cosmic Dress Code Y Event Details

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