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  • This page shows the Events planned for and held in Senegal during World Space Week
  • The list contains 50 events per page. The links at the bottom of the page can be used to view other sections of the list.
  • Events with a 'Y' in the Map column indicate that the exact location of the event has been mapped.
  • A plot of the 2020 mapped events can be seen here: 2020 Mapped Events
  • Questions or problems using the calendar please email

Country State/Province City Event Name Year Map Details


Argentina 10ºSimposio de Astronomía y Astroturismo:World Space Week:El camino de la humanidad hacia el espacio 2020 Event Details
Argentina Charlas virtuales para escuelas. La actividad espacial Argentina: Misión SAOCOM 2020 Event Details
Argentina La CONAE en la Semana del Espacio: webinars para todo público. 2020 Event Details
Argentina Premiación del Concurso Tu Propia Misión Espacial 2020Y Event Details
Argentina Webinar 2020 Event Details
Argentina Corrientes Curuzu Cuatia Satellites Improve Life 2020Y Event Details
Argentina Mendoza Mendoza Space Apps Challenge Mendoza 2020Y Event Details
Argentina Salta Salta Observar desde tu hogar el paso de la ISS por Salta 2020Y Event Details
Argentina Santa Fe San Cristóbal SEMANA MUNDIAL DEL ESPACIO 2020Y Event Details
Argentina Santa Fe Santa Fe Argentina en el Espacio...vía satélite y Nuevos programas tripulados de la NASA y privados 2020Y Event Details
Australia Did you know? community talk - Probing alien worlds from down under 2020 Event Details
Australia Space Health Symposium 2020 Event Details
Australia South Australia Adelaide Building a Cosmic Ray Detector 2020Y Event Details
Australia South Australia Adelaide Space Week at Makerspace Adelaide 2020Y Event Details
Australia Victoria Melbourne An Australian Space Industry Panel: A Look into a Thriving Industry 2020 Event Details
Austria Styria Schladming Space Economy in English 2020 Event Details
Azerbaijan asir muhayil asir worldspaceweek 2020Y Event Details
Bahrain Space Week - Bahrain 2020 Event Details
Bahrain نشط أبها الأقمار الإصطناعية 2020Y Event Details
Bangladesh ASTRO ARTICLE WRITING COMPETITION - 2020 2020 Event Details
Bangladesh Book Reading and Review Writing Challenge 2020 Event Details
Bangladesh CAM-TALK : The process of detecting life on remote planets 2020 Event Details
Bangladesh Let's Talk Exoplanets 2020 Event Details
Bangladesh Online Study Circle 2020 Event Details
Bangladesh Poster Competition 2020 Event Details
Bangladesh Dhaka Dhaka A Night of Stargazing and Camping 2020Y Event Details
Bangladesh Dhaka Dhaka Galactic Gossip - Stellar Classifications 2020Y Event Details
Bangladesh Dhaka Dhaka Roadmap To Undergraduate Research in Astronomy 2020 Event Details
Bangladesh Dhaka Narsingdi funiverse: fun with the universe 2020 Event Details
Bangladesh Noakhali Noakhali Astro-Tale 2020 Event Details
Belarus Minsk Stankovo Sattelite means! 2020Y Event Details
Belgium Joseph Aschbacher ESA Earth Observation Director, Space Now Virtual Investor Forums with ESA 2020 2020 Event Details
Belgium Switch to Space ll 2020 Event Details
Belgium Oost-Vlaanderen Gent Nacht van de duisternis 2020: stargazing vanuit campus Schoonmeersen Zuid 2020Y Event Details
Bolivia Our satellite camping tent, ISS 2020 Event Details
Bolivia SGAC Bolivia Webinar 2020 Event Details
Brazil "Educação e Divulgação da Astronomia no Brasil do Século XXI" 2020 Event Details
Brazil "Cometas: Viajantes do Espaço" 2020 Event Details
Brazil "Dia das Crianças - Sessão de Planetário" da Associação Brasileira de Planetários 2020 Event Details
Brazil A Educação em Ciênc. Naturais no Contexto do Ens. Remoto e a Aprendizagem de Conceitos de Astronomia 2020 Event Details
Brazil A teoria do BIG BANG: contexto histórico 2020 Event Details
Brazil AEB Talks “Mercado Financeiro e o Novo Espaço” 2020 Event Details
Brazil Afinal, brasileiros confiam ou não na ciência? 2020 Event Details
Brazil Análise qualitativa de uma sequência didática : Ensino de Astrofísica Estelar para alunos do EM 2020 Event Details
Brazil AO VIVO: A Semana no Sistema Solar 2020 Event Details
Brazil AO VIVO: Lançamento Starlink 12/Falcon 9 (SpaceX) 2020 Event Details
Brazil AO VIVO: MARTE com TELESCÓPIO durante sua MÁXIMA APROXIMAÇÃO com a TERRA 2020 Event Details
Brazil Aprendizagem de Física Facilitada por Software / Aplicativo - prática com o Stellarium 2020 Event Details
Brazil Astrofísica de partículas: Raios cósmicos e multi-mensageiros de galáxias 2020 Event Details

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