This Year's World Space Week Events

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Last Year's World Space Week Events (29 Total Events)

Event Name Event State/Province Event Date
Observations of Drakonid meteors Irkutsk oblast 08, Oct 2018
Telescope - a window into the universe Moscow region 04, Oct 2018
Устный журнал "Мы и Вселенная" Nizhny Novgorod region 10, Oct 2018
All-Russian Astrometric Conference in Pulkovo Pulkovo 01, Oct 2018
Astronomical dictation Russia 04, Oct 2018
World Space week YNAO 04, Oct 2018
Космос объединяет мир Костромскоя область 04, Oct 2018
Астрономический фестиваль Нижегородская область 04, Oct 2018
\"Student Day\" of the Corporation \"Roskosmos\" in BMSTU 05, Oct 2018
Open Day of the Space Research Institute 08, Oct 2018

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