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This Year's World Space Week Events

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Last Year's World Space Week Events (15 Total Events)

Event Name Event State/Province Event Date
Space+Girls=? Dnipropetrovsk Oblast 04, Oct 2021
Noosphere Art Rocket Park Dnipropetrovska 04, Oct 2021
Space Kamikaze Georgy Beregovy Kyiv 08, Oct 2021
Two Space Missions of Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper Kyiv 05, Oct 2021
Projects by Ihor Sikorsky KPI: Nano Satellite PolyITAN-4 Kyiv 04, Oct 2021
Exhibitionof achievements of young scientists in the aviation, rocket and space industry named after Kyiv 07, Oct 2021
Mini exhibition and book exhibition dedicated to Georgy Beregovy Kyiv 04, Oct 2021
Meeting for young people with prominent women workong in space sector Kyiv 07, Oct 2021
First Women in Space Kyiv 06, Oct 2021
World Space Week Kyyiv 08, Oct 2021

National Coordinator

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    Victoria Chetvertak

  • Organisation :

    S. Korolev Space Museum

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