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Moon Village Association Survey about Moon Exploration

Moon Village Association Survey about Moon Exploration

In 2019, humankind celebrates the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and of the first human step on the Moon. A revival of interest for the exploration of the Moon is also observed in the major space faring nations. This year, the theme of World Space Week is “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars”. In the frame of a partnership between the Moon Village Association and the World Space Week Association, a survey about Moon exploration was prepared. This survey will be the first, on a global scale, about the Moon Exploration and Settlement and the results will be presented at the UN in February 2020. Your participation is very important, as we would like to hear from YOU. What are your thoughts about going back to the Moon?

The survey is available in different languages and for adults as well as for kids (10-18). Feel free to share on social media!

Chinese (中文):                  成年人          孩子

English:                               Adults           Kids

Francais (French):            Adultes          Enfants

Italian (Italiano):               Adulti           Bambini

Portuguese (Português):  Adultos        Crianças

Russian (русский):          Взрослые     Дети

Ukrainian (українська):   дорослі         дітки


Read the short essay Next Stop: The Moon to find out what our Partner Moon Village Association (MVA) thinks about going back to the Moon.

To learn even more, please have a look at this presentation and this video:

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