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A space poem a day – World Space Week day 2

And here is the second World Space Week space poem by our space poet Athos Athanasiou, looking back at our theme of last year:


We packed our bags to go to Mars.
We packed them tight and neat.
We caught the ship from Liverpool.
It was a special treat.

We had been good throughout the year,
as good as gold you see.
We’d potted all the garden plants,
and kept the stairwells free.

The Captain greeted us with pride
outside his gleaming ship.
Presenting us his trusty crew
who’d help us on this trip.

We’d watched the films,  we’ d read the scripts,
we’d talked of it at school.
But nothing could prepare us for
that ship from Liverpool.

The doors would open with a swish
and close with just a sigh.
And whereso on the ship you went
the crew would be nearby.

The crew were gruff and hardy men.
We should have found it barmy,
why on a ship that steered itself,
you needed a small army.

We should have been suspicious of
the weapons that they carried.
But on these inconsistencies
our thoughts they never tarried.

So as the ship set off that night
and we slept in our room.
we had no expectation of
our close impending doom.

They came and got us one by one
and marched us to the hold.
They chained our feet in manacles.
The metal felt so cold.

And that was how we got to Mars,
chained up within a hive.
Not knowing what fate had in store
or if we would survive.

Oh curse the day we got to Mars,
so far away from home.
Across the gulfs and voids of space,
to destinies unknown.

Athos Athanasiou

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