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World Space Week 2021 – Results announced!

World Space Week 2021 – Results announced!

(Houston, Texas – March, 2022) – World Space Week Association announced that there were 6,418 events recorded in 96 during the World Space Week (WSW), October 4-10, 2021, celebrating WSW 2021 theme “Women in Space”. One of the main goals of the Association for WSW 2021 was to provide female role models for the young girls and women, and to encourage them to engage in STEM study fields.

A combination of virtual and in-person events resulted in over 770,000,000 individual impressions on Twitter and in the organization of thousands of webinars, virtual conferences and other creative events. Pakistan reported 2,689 events and was the country with the most WSW events in 2021.

“WSW 2021 theme Women in Space is very close to my heart. I am immensely grateful for the strong support WSW participants showed for this theme and I believe that this is proof that we are collectively working on reaching more gender equality,” said Maruska Strah, Executive Director of the Association.

The Association released the 2021 Annual Report, which is available here:

WSW 2021 Honorary Chair was Ms. Lisa Callahan, VP and General Manager, Commercial Civil Space, Lockheed Martin.


WSW 2022, Space and Sustainability

WSW 2022 will be focusing on sustainability and its relation to outer space from two aspects. First, WSW will raise awareness and contribute to solutions using space technologies and applications for achieving socio-economic development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on Earth. Second, WSW will promote the importance of the long-term sustainability of outer space activities and the protection of the orbital space environment.


About World Space Week

About World Space Week The largest space event on Earth, UN-declared World Space Week is celebrated October 4-10 annually. It is an international celebration of the contribution of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition. World Space Week consists of a myriad of space-related events held by space agencies, aerospace companies, schools, planetaria, museums, and astronomy clubs in a common timeframe to achieve greater student and public impact. In 2021, more than 6,400 events took place in 96 countries.


About World Space Week Association

World Space Week Association is the global coordinator of World Space Week. WSWA is an international non-government, non-profit organization led by volunteers. The Association is a permanent observer on the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and is supported by voluntary contributions of sponsors including Lockheed Martin, SES, Jacobs, Silhouette, SpaceX, Airbus, Oceaneering (need to check which others)


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