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World Space Week 2024 Poster Concept Open Call


World Space Week (WSW) is an annual global event that celebrates the contributions of science and technology to the improvement of the human condition. In line with the declaration by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999, World Space Week is observed each year from October 4-10.

Coordinated by the United Nations and supported by the World Space Week Association (WSWA), WSW brings together a global network of National Coordinators who promote the celebration of World Space Week in their respective countries.

Each year, WSWA board of directors select a theme to guide the global celebration of World Space Week. For the year 2024, the chosen theme is “Space and Climate Change.” This theme emphasizes the critical role of space exploration and technology in understanding and addressing the challenges posed by climate change. It highlights the importance of space in observing Earth’s climate system, monitoring environmental changes, and supporting sustainable actions for the future.

In celebration of World Space Week 2024, we are excited to invite submissions for a poster concept that illustrates the connection between space exploration and climate change.

The selected concept will receive widespread recognition within the international space community:

  • The winner’s name will be featured on the poster. This poster will be distributed both in print and electronically to over 4,000 World Space Week event organizers worldwide.
  • The poster will also be showcased to global space leaders at prestigious forums such as the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN-COPUOS), the International Astronautical Congress, and other significant venues.

We invite all interested participants to submit their creative concepts for the World Space Week 2024 poster. Whether you have a fully realized design or a conceptual sketch, we welcome your ideas and visions. We ask that you also include a brief written explanation of your vision for the poster. This written description is crucial in helping us understand the concept and ideas behind your artwork.

To submit your entry, please use the following link: World Space Week 2024: Poster Concept Submission. Here, you can upload your concept sketch or completed artwork and provide a brief written description of your vision for the 2024 poster.

If you have any questions or require further information about the submission process, the concept requirements, or any other aspect of the contest, please do not hesitate to contact us. Reach out via email to, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Deadline: March 15 2024


Please note that no financial compensation will be provided to the winning concept.


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