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World Space Week Association Announces Carlo Mirra as Chair, Welcomes Catherine Doldirina and Stan Crow to its Board of Directors

 For Immediate Release

(Houston, Texas – 22.09. 2023) 

World Space Week Association (WSWA) is excited to announce the newest members and roles within its leadership, reflecting the Association’s commitment to fostering collaboration within the broader space community.

Carlo Mirra, renowned for his extensive contributions at Airbus and his dedicated service as a Board of Director at WSWA, has now been selected as the Chair of the Board. His in-depth understanding of the space industry combined with his prior contributions to WSWA assures visionary leadership.

Joining the board is Catherine Doldirina, Legal Counsel of D-Orbit. Formerly the Secretary and Legal Advisor for WSWA, her expertise in the space sector’s legal intricacies promises to be a pillar of strength and guidance for the Association.

Stan Crow brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive aerospace experience in the US Air Force, Northrop Grumman, and McKinsey and Company in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia.  With his current role as an advisor accelerating innovation-driven growth in the new space economy, Crow is poised to be a valuable asset to WSWA’s board.

Dennis Stone, President of WSWA, remarked, “The addition of Catherine and Stan to our board, coupled with Carlo’s new leadership role as Chair, sets a promising direction for WSWA. Their collective expertise will undoubtedly shape our initiatives and strengthen our mission to celebrate space.”


About World Space Week Association

World Space Week Association is the global coordinator of World Space Week, October 4-10. An international non-government, nonprofit organization, the Association is a permanent observer on the U.N. Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. It is supported by voluntary contributions from sponsors including Sierra Nevada Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Viasat, SCI Aerospace, Inc., SES, Goldman Sachs, Airbus, Heidi Cruz, and GUHEM. The Association, founded in 1982, is one of the world’s oldest space advocacy organizations.


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