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World Space Week Poster 2015 Competition Winner!

We are happy to announce the winner of our World Space Week 2015 Poster Competition! The official poster for the 2015 celebrations has been designed by Mr. Alec Bartos from Romania.

Winning poster for World Space Week 2015

Winning poster for World Space Week 2015

His design with the explorer’s foot prints over the Milky Way perfectly reflects the spirit of “Discovery”, as humankind slowly ventures further into deep space to discover more and more secrets of the universe.

We will work with the competition winner to finalize the design by adding our sponsors and partners, entering the correct translations of “World Space Week” in the official UN languages and making some final adjustments. The official poster will be printed and made available to all event organizers through the national coordinator in your country. You can find your national coordinator in this list.

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