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WSWA Seeks Annual Report Editor!

World Space Week Association (WSWA) seeks the Annual Report Editor, to produce the report about the work of the WSWA and the results of the largest space event on Earth. This will be a paid temporary position, starting in October 2021 and end in December 2021 with remuneration of $1,200, paid in two installments after completion of “work package 1” and “work package 2” described in detail below.

The position can be performed from anywhere in the world. Expected start date is October 2021.

About the position:

Annual Report Editor is expected to create the WSWA Annual Report 2021. The WSWA Annual Report is distributed to the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space 95 Member States and Permanent Observers, to all WSWA Partners including the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, the International Astronautical Federation, the Satellite Industry Association, Space Foundation, Planetary Society and others. The report will also be distributed among the sponsors Lockheed Martin Corporation, Jacobs, SpaceX, SES, Collins Aerospace, ASRC Federal, Silhouette, ULA, Airbus and Oceaneering.


​​World Space Week Annual Report: Work Package Breakdown

WORK PACKAGE 1: 50% Project Completion                                                         Fee: $600

Task Deliverable Time required Project Completion
1)             All achievements of the association 2-3 pages of the report. 2 days 10%
2)             Checking calendar events against guidelines Ensuring only qualifying events are documented for statistics. 14 days 25%
3)             Statistics Produce statistics from the events data and include in 4-5 pages for the report. 3 days 15%

Total time: ~3 weeks

WORK PACKAGE 2: 50% Project Completion                                                        Fee: $600

Task Deliverable Time required Project Completion
4)             Media impressions 4-5 pages of the report. 3 days 10%
5)             Collect contributing articles for special sections Liaise with external parties to collect and collate articles and include them into special sections of report. 10 days 10%
6)             Sponsors, partners etc. Inclusions on sponsors, partners, national coordinators to be reflected in the report. 2 days 10%
7)             Synthesise report writing Complete remaining pages of report ~30 pages in total. 7 days 20%

Total time: ~4 weeks

Main responsibilities of the Annual Report Editor are:

–        Produce the content, including all texts and graphics, of the Annual Report.

–        Work with the Executive Director on documenting the events, media coverage and success stories happening over WSW 2021.

–     Work with the Executive Director on analyzing the number of events and ensuring that recorded events are in compliance with the WSW Guidelines.

–        Work with the WSWA Visual Designer on completing the layout of the Annual Report.

–     Coordinate review/editing/and approval by WSWA leadership.


Selection criteria:

–        Should have excellent command of English language.

–     Requires experience in non-technical document design, writing and editing.  Journalism experience is a plus.

–       Should have experience with image editing

–     Should be able to work flexible hours.

–        Interest in space and be well informed about the trends in the space sector is a plus.

–        MS Office (Word, Excel) proficiency is required.

–        Provides own computer and access to internet.

–        Fast response times in email and other forms of communication are a must.

–        Must have strong organizational skills.


To apply, please send your CV with a cover letter addressing your qualifications to Maruška Strah, Executive Director, World Space Week Association, by 20 October, 2021.

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