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WSWA Seeks Executive Director

World Space Week Association-01World Space Week Association (WSWA) seeks an Executive Director to help lead the largest space celebration on Earth.  The Executive Director will be a contractor with a starting stipend of $1,750 US per month which may increase based on performance.  A minimum of 16 hours average per week for two years is required. The position can be performed from anywhere in the world.   The application deadline is August 4, 2018.  Below is more information.  To apply, please click here.

About the Executive Director Position

The Executive Director (ED) leads the operations of WSWA and is expected to be a catalyst of growth of both WSWA and the celebration of WSW.  The ED is a contracted position requiring a written commitment to 16 hours per week for two years.  Duties are:

  • Develop the WSWA annual plan, manage to that plan, track progress, and set priorities.
  • Help seek donations and ensure that donors receive promised benefits.
  • Oversee preparation of the annual poster, annual report, fact sheet, sponsor brochure,  newsletters, and other communications.
  • Communicate individually with key stakeholders.
  • Expand World Space Week participation in the space, astronomy, and education sectors.
  • Seek global media coverage of WSW.
  • Report monthly to the Executive Committee, semiannually to the Board, and annually to COPUOS.
  • Coordinate efforts of the Vice Presidents and other officers.
  • Recruit, assign, train, manage and motivate volunteers.
  • Manage the social media contractor.
  • Time permitting, create and pursue ideas for special projects using the WSW platform.

Position Description

The official position description is as follows per the Bylaws of WSWA:

“The Executive Director shall be the chief operating officer of the corporation and shall be considered the chief of all staff, both paid and volunteer.  The Executive Director shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.  The Executive Director shall supervise and control the day-to-day business affairs of the corporation.  The Executive Committee, only by majority vote of the entire current voting membership thereof, may remove the Executive Director from office for just cause.  The Executive Director shall support the Executive Committee in developing the corporation’s operational plans, and shall be accountable to the Executive Committee, and to the President in its stead, for the staff’s operational and tactical implementation of those plans.  The Executive Director shall facilitate communications between the officers and the staff, including by making regular status reports available to the President and to the Executive Committee whenever it meets.”


The WSWA ED should be a self-starter, skillful manager, imaginative thinker, and a credible and convincing spokesperson.  The ED should have the ability to work more the minimum hours as pay increases, and the ability to travel internationally.  Applicants will be also evaluated on their knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Leading people
  • Planning and managing
  • Social and general media
  • Fund raising
  • Marketing and sales
  • Event management
  • Information technology
  • Writing, editing, graphic design, and public speaking
  • International relations
  • Languages
  • Familiarity with the global space, astronomy, and education sectors


  • $1,750 USD per month.  This may increase based on the financial success of the organization and other performance objectives.
  • Depending upon resources, travel to two Board of Directors meetings per year, typically during the International Astronautical Congress and the COPUOS Scientific & Technical Subcommittee.  Possibly other approved travel.
  • Reimbursement of authorized expenses.

The ED also receives excellent opportunities to networking with the global space community, such as via the WSWA Board, WSW national coordinators, and space organizations which participate in WSW.


The term is two years, approximately September 2018 to September 2020.  Start and end dates are negotiable.  Approximately six months prior to the end of the contract, it can be extended if both parties agree.

To Apply

Please click here to apply for the position.   Thank you.

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