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Vice President โ€“ Development – Athiye Jawad

Francisco Javier Mendieta-Jimenez

Born in India and having lived in four different countries (incl. France and Germany), Athiye is an Aerospace Engineer with 10 years experience in product marketing, strategy and new business development. She worked in Fortune 500 aerospace and telecoms (Airbus and Corning) companies before embarking onto a years journey around the world. She travelled to 45 different cities and met hundreds of different people and then she embarked onto her new journey working at Planet, Berlin- an aerospace company that revolutionised the satellite industry. She speaks seven languages and comes from a multi cultural background. She was an active member with several different roles (National Point of Contact for India, Fundraising coordinator SGC, Korea etc.) at the Space Generation Advisory Council along with other educational outreach volunteering positions in Africa. Her special talent lies in making difficult technologies and applications appear simple and useful to the end users. When asked what her driving force has been in her career, her response is creating strategic relationships and understanding business culture and growth within the space industry.

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