Event ID:  12144
Contact Name:  Shady Elkassas
Contact Email:  prof.shady@gmail.com
Contact Phone:  00971503491101
Organization:  Sharjah American International School
Event Web Site:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_Aqy5sVxRoPTi736bE0_V220yJTJY_D6
Dates:  4th October 2016 to 12th October 2016
Type:  School
Country:  United Arab Emirates
State/Province:  Sharjah
City:  Sharjah
Event Name:  World Space Week@SAIS
Event Description:  Theme: Students are encouraged to represent their artistic abilities to spread World Space Week among their community.
Report on the Results:  his event was really beneficial to our students. They did not only read more about space, but also they represented their artistic abilities such as painting and video making and applied it in related contexts. We celebrated WSW2016 in three main ways: 1- Making a promo about WSP@SAIS and an introductory video to define the event and its activities (in both languages Arabic& English). 2- Making videos about the solar system and space missions. 3- Creating more than 100 paintings related to space. We Shard the videos in our YouTube Channel (Under a playlist called World Space Week@SAIS). Link: World Space Week@SAIS Additionally, we shared students' paintings and models on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr under the hashtag #wsw2016 and #WorldSpaceWeek . Instagram: ProfShady Flickr: ProfShady You can also find the pictures of our students' work attached to this email. Thank you very much for giving us this wonderful educational opportunity which really enriched our students' learning experiences.
Attendance:  200
Media Impressions:  4000
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