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Event ID:  15448
Contact Name:  Banu Aykın Köylüer
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Organization:  FMV Işık Ortaokulu
Event Web Site:  http://www.
Dates:  3rd October 2017 to 9th October 2017
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Type:  School
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Country:  Turkey
City:  İstanbul
Event Name:  FMV Işık Ortaokulu World Space Week Celebration
Event Description:  FMV Işık Ortaokulu studentswill celebrate the World Space Week 2017 with school activities. Firstly, they will make their own nonedible spacecrafts. The most creative designs will be exhibited at the Sacit Öncel Conference Hall. Secondly, students will do Mission: Space GRASP interdisciplinary activity and the teachers expect students to understand the connections between Science, ICT and Library and their relationship to the real world. Finally, students will take a Space Challenge kahoot quiz.
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Attendance:  90
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