Event ID:  18984
Contact Name:  José Antonio Gordillo Martorell
Contact Email:  jose.antonio.gordillo.martorell@ltu.se
Contact Phone:  +46920491638
Organization:  Luleå University of Technology
Event Web Site:  https://atmospheres.research.ltu.se/
Dates:  4th October 2018 to 4th October 2018
Type:  School
Country:  Sweden
State/Province:  Norrbotten
City:  Luleå
Location:  Luleå 97 187, Sweden
Event Name:  Play with and Ask to a Martian
Event Description:  We will use the Mars Videogame "Surviving Mars" as a learning laboratory with a group of 25 High-School students of 12-12 years old. First the students will play in different groups with the videogame. Newt, they will ask to a true Mars researcher questions about the scientific veracity of the videogame content. Is science they find in the videogame helping them to learn more science, to be more curious, to improve their science vocation? Is an action that mix fun, learn and research about space learn in young people using the personal meeting with a researcher as powerful science communicaton tool.
Report on the Results: 
Attendance:  30
Media Impressions:  500
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