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Contact Name:  Helen Tung
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Organization:  NewSpace2060 & Moon Village Association
Event Web Site:  https://moonvillageassociation.org/calling-entrepreneurs-newspace2060-international-moon-pitch-competition-2018/
Dates:  15th June 2018 to 5th October 2018
Type:  Public
Country:  Germany
City:  Bremen
Event Name:  NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch Competition 2018
Event Description:  NewSpace2060 is about dreaming, talking, speaking and developing the NewSpace economy in 2060. In collaboration with the Moon Village Association, the vision is to create the NewSpace economy which we all speak of. Whether you are in NewSpace or Old Space, whether you area a seasoned NASA scientist or new Entrepreneur or Startup, the vision is to engage you to grow and develop the NewSpace Ecosystem and Moon Village. NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch Competition is an initiative in collaboration with the Moon Village Association. It aims to encourage more international startups and entrepreneurs to utilise the power of the internet to share their thoughts on developing/growing the NewSpace economy and Moon Village. Any entrepreneur/startup with internet access can apply. On 18 June 2018, we are launching the NewSpace2060 International Pitch Competition 2018 at UNISPACE50+ at UNOOSA and welcome you to join. Call for NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch Competition 2018 Calling all entrepreneurs and startups to pitch their idea for the NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch Competition 2018. In association with the Moon Village Association and in celebration of UNISPACE50+ the NewSpace 2060 International Competition is accepting applications for original ideas to realise startup ideas to design, contribute to the NewSpace ecosystem that leads us realising the creation of the Moon Village. If you have an idea or know of entrepreneurs – share with them. For more information please visit: https://newspace2060.wordpress.com/2018/06/11/calling-entrepreneurs-newspace2060-international-pitch-competition/
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