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Event ID:  19048
Contact Name:  Christopher Yeats
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +44 1912618281
Organization:  Vane
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Dates:  4th October 2018 to 27th October 2018
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Type:  Public
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Country:  United Kingdom
City:  Newcastle upon Tyne
Location:  First Floor, Commercial Union House, 39 Pilgrim Street, NE1 6QE
Event Name:  The Human Spaceship
Event Description:  Dates: 4-27 October, Wednesday-Saturday 12 noon – 5pm Preview evening: Wednesday 3 October 5-8pm ‘The Human Spaceship’ is a solo art exhibition by Helen Schell, which looks at visual perception in altered gravity environments using optical illusions. Helen Schell is based in the north east of England and is also an ESERO-UK Space Ambassador (ESA education). Her work is inspired by space exploration and science of the cosmos and she has been collaborating with scientists since 2010, including from Durham, Northumbria and Cambridge universities. Referencing visual perception in altered gravity conditions, ‘The Human Spaceship’ examines what it is like to live in this new 21st century space age. The exhibition will include large paintings of rockets and aspects of space phenomena employing geometric distortions and optical illusions. Free public event: Spectrum: Space Unites the World Tuesday 16 October 1-6pm A gathering of scientists, artists, and students from both backgrounds will examine the future of human space exploration and long-term space living. Scientists from Durham, Cambridge and Northumbria universities will envision and discuss, within the context of their specialist fields, that we live in a space-faring society and will witness the most astounding change in ‘being-human’ through astronomy and space exploration in the 21st century. These fields include human spaceflight, extreme environments, cosmology and astronomy, space-age smart materials, Moon, Mars and Earth observation, light and solar spectrum, and optical technology. These presentations will also include aspects of art and science collaboration. The afternoon will begin with an exhibition tour by artist Helen Schell to set the context in relation to her work on ‘The Human Spaceship’ and end with an introduction to the upcoming ‘Year of Space North East’ 2019.
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