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Contact Email:  info@bco.ie
Contact Phone:  021 4357917
Organization:  CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory
Event Web Site:  http://www.bco.ie/2012/07/wsw12/
Dates:  5th October 2012 to 5th October 2012
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Ireland
City:  Cork
Location:  CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, Blackrock, Cork, Ireland
Event Name:  Celebrate World Space Week at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory
Event Description:  3D Tour of the Universe 10:30 – 14:30 Schools only Using the latest in stereoscopic 3D projection, pupils will learn how Irish scientists and engineers are working with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop space systems in a wide variety of ways that can help us navigate, communicate and monitor our fragile blue green from above. Pupils will also learn about the many spacecraft that have been developed in Europe and how they are unlocking the secrets of the Solar System Stereoscopic 3D glasses will be provided for everyone Four 1hour slots are available for school bookings which include the 3D show and entry into our exhibitionwhich will be showing footage on both the life and achievements of Neil Armstrong as well as Curiosity, the Mars Rover which is currently exploring the red planet This package costs only €4/student with a maximum of 30 students per booking Please note our interactive screens will be showing mixture of Cosmos at the Castle and other space related footage. This will not be the full Cosmos at the Castle experience ESO50 To celebrate the 50th birthday of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), and 50 years of Europe’s quest to explore the southern sky a never-before-seen stunning astronomical image from ESO will be unveiled Live streaming from Paranal and ESO Headquarters Throughout the day we will be showing a live stream from the Very Large Telescope on Paranal, featuring the observations of the Thor’s Helmet Nebula (NGC 2359), interviews with astronomers, views of their telescopes and other information from ESO Headquarters in Garching bei München Mars Rover, Curiosity footage 10:00 – 17:00: Included in your ticket price to Cosmos at the Castle 10:30 – 14:30: Schools package 18:00 – 21:00: Shown during our monthly free evening First Fridays at the Castle NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission set down a large, mobile laboratory — the rover Curiosity — at Gale Crater, using precision landing technology that makes many of Mars’ most intriguing regions viable destinations for the first time. During the 23 months after landing, Curiosity will analyse dozens of samples drilled from rocks or scooped from the ground as it explores with greater range than any previous Mars rover We will be showing footage from the launch of Curiosity, its epic landing and its exploration of the red planet First Fridays at the Castle 18:00 – 22:00 | Free monthly evening First Fridays at the Castle is an action-packed open night on the first Friday of every month with activities for visitors of all ages. From 18:00-20:00 we run four half-hour hands family-friendly workshops with our in-house teacher and astronomer, Frances McCarthy. Between 20:00 and 21:00 join Robert Hill for ‘Space in our lives’ – a family-friendly presentation that will take you out to the limits of our observable universe and show just some of the ways in which we here on Earth use space in our everyday lives. The presentations will be a mix of live interaction and the latest in 3D technology From 21:00 the Cork Astronomy Club and BCO astronomers will help train your eyes towards the constellations (weather dependent)
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