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Event ID:  415
Contact Name:  Romanian Authority for Scientific Research
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Contact Phone:  +40 21 3192326
Organization:  Romanian Authority for Scientific Research
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Dates:  2nd October 2007 to 6th October 2007
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Romania
State/Province:  Bucharest
City:  Bucharest
Location:  Bucharest International Technical Fair
Event Name:  The Research Saloon 2007
Event Description:  Between October 2-6, 2007, the National Authority for Scientific Research organized an exhibition in the ambit of the Bucharest International Technical Fair. Hosted at the ROMEXPO center, the exhibition titled The Research Saloon 2007 had the aim to feature and promote the results obtained within the national research programs, and also to be a venue where the researchers would meet business and government representatives. An important part of the event was dedicated to the field of space, security and aeronautics. Exhibitors were brought together from the Romanian Space Agency, the Romanian Center for Using Teledetection in Agriculture (CRUTA), the National Research Institute Elie Carafoli, INCAS the Advanced Studies Center, INCDFLPR the Institute of Space Research, S.C. INAV S.A., S.C. STRAERO S.A., the Technical Military Academy, the Agency for Military Technology Research (ACTTM), Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy, and S.C. SEEKTRON S.R.L.
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