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Event ID:  5078
Contact Name:  Olivia Haider
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Organization:  Austrian Space Forum (OeWF)
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Dates:  5th October 2013 to 5th October 2013
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Austria
City:  Innsbruck
Event Name:  #simulateMars Tweetup @ World Space Week Mission Control Center
Event Description:  09:30 Welcome & introduction 10:00 Keynote on Mars analogs by OeWF president & MARS2013 Morocco Mars Simulation project lead Gernot Groemer 10:30 Live-link to CAB, Madrid 11:00 “Failure is not an option”, the role of a Mission Control Center (Mars Simulation flight controllers share their experience first-hand!) 11:30 Mission Control Center tour – an intimate look-behind-the-scenes of Mars Analog Research 12:00 Extra-Vehicular-Activity with the Aouda.X Mars spacesuit simulator EVA 14:30 Live-Link to Hyperion Rover, Poland 15:00 Live-Link to PuliSpace rover, Hungary 16:00 Analog astronaut panel 17:00 Live-link to MDRS, Utah, US
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Report on the Results:  10 Space tweetups from Austria, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Mexico attended the event. The got a diverse programm on Mars analog research and the role of a Mission Control Center including a tour. A EVA with the Aouda.X Mars spacesuit simulator was conducated and the event participants had the chance to see live how long it takes to put on a spacesuit & how difficult it is to do taks in a space suit. The hastag #simulateMars created so far: 688 tweets reached 235, 000 people on Twitter, and gained 1,300,000 impression
Attendance:  10
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Media Impressions:  1300000
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