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Event ID:  56
Contact Name:  Hubert Foy Kum
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Contact Phone:  (33)633049378
Organization:  Space Generation Advisory Council
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Dates:  4th October 2007 to 10th October 2007
Physical Event: 
Type:  Public
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Country:  Cameroon
State/Province:  South West
City:  Limbe
Location:  Limbe Botanic Gardens
Event Name:  Where is your SPACE?
Event Description:  Oct 4-9, 2007: Education and Public Outreach.This shall consist of specific activities at selected primary and high schools close to Limbe. At each school, 45 - 60 minutes shall be spent to deliver a talk to the students and to project an illustrative video on space activities. Flyers carrying WSWA logo shall be distribute to the students and staff. 5th of October:Visit to three secondary schools and three primaries in the Buea subdivision 6th - 7th of October: Visit to six selected primary and secondary schools in any two subdivisions in MEME division 8th of October: Visit to three primaries and three secondary schools in the littoral province (mainly Douala) Oct 10 2007: video, poster galery and fanfare and carnival activities. Open door poster gallery and video show on space activities at the Limbe Botanic Garden VISACOM. On this day, a wide range of people shall be invited and shall be chaired by the UN National coordinator for wsw in Cameroon, Mr. Hubert Foy Kum. Individuals including the Government Delegate to the Limbe Urban Council, Principals of schools, Inspectorates of National Education for Fako, and other dignitaries shall be invited to participate in the programme. On this day, a special quiz will be organized for students of forms one to three on physics. This will comprise mainly students from Limbe subdivision. The first five students shall receive prizes and a certificate signed by the UN National coordinator .
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Report on the Results:  For the first time Cameroon has taken part in the celebration of world space week .Activities to mark the week took place in Limbe. The event started with a live talk over Eden Radio on 6 October by members of the Space Week Association .On 10 October, some 25 secondary and high school students from different institutions participated in a symposium organized at the Limbe Botanic Garden. The symposium featured issues about world space week, its activities and when it was declared by the United Nations. Gaston Buh Wung made presentations on the importance of space science and technology to the betterment of Cameroon. While urging the country to join the rest of the world they also outlined some steps which could enable Cameroon fully embrace space science which includes mainstreaming of basic space science into the educational curriculum that will lead to building a critical mass of space scientists, construction of ground receiving stations and finally launching of our own satellites. An interactive question and answer session with the students led to a deeper understanding about space science by the students there were also video shows. The occasion was chaired by the Conservator of the Limbe Botanic Garden and witness by several interested members, most of whom were teachers from secondary and high schools staff and civil society organizations. It should be observed that several sub-Saharan countries have already begun exploring space. Nigeria for example launched its first DMC (Nigeria sat1) and this year it launched its first communication satellite .south Africa, Algeria, morocco and Kenya have also either launched satellites or constructed ground receiving stations.
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