Event ID:  865
Contact Name:  Terry Ueda
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Organization:  Tokyo Culture Culture, Nifty Corporation
Event Web Site:  http://tcc.nifty.com/cs/catalog/tcc_schedule/catalog_080901192852_1.htm
Dates:  12th October 2008 to 12th October 2008
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Japan
State/Province:  Tokyo
City:  Tokyo
Location:  Tokyo Bay Area
Event Name:  Space Hotel, an Odyssey Toward Space Tourism
Event Description:  This event is a talk show style hosted by Terry Ueda, a producer. And featuring Mr. Noriaki Inami, a Virgin Galactic founder customer and Ms. Misuzu Onuki, an aerospace business consultant, and so on. The talkshow will discuss on space hotel and space tourism development.
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Report on the Results:  Space Hotels vol. 1 Get Together with Space Enthusiasm at Tokyo Culture Culture Event! On October 12, Nifty held a Space Hotels vol.1 at Tokyo Culture Culture which is an event space by Nifty at Tokyo Bay and about 100 space enthusiasts filled the room and spent an exciting evening together. This event, which was held as part of World Space Week too, had three speakers and a total host / navigator, Mr. Terry Ueda. The program was The Past, the Presence & the Future of Space Hotels by Ms. Misuzu Onuki (Director of WSW); The Engineering Aspect for Space Habitats by Mr. Tomofumi Hirosaki (President of Space Systems Development Corporation) and Virgin Galactic Suborbital Space Flight in 2009 by Mr. Noriaki Inami, a VG Founder customer. These are realistic space development and space tourism topics and full of information so that all of the attendance could feel space tourism developments as realistic and familiar. There was also an active networking among the attendance. The event was performed fruitfully as well as being enjoyable and informative for the guests. The audience left with the feeling that the age of personal space travel was almost here!
Attendance:  100
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Media Impressions:  1000
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